Beatnaga ii galgga gulgii geahččat

Dance performance, 30 min.

Have we come to a Sámi fight club?

In “Don’t judge a dog by its fur“, three dancers are gradually drawing the audience deeper and deeper into a mythical, ritualistic landscape that challenges them to see more than just the outside.

“Raw, startling, liberating, rude and completely individual”
Inger- Margrethe Lunde, Aftenposten

“Tonight’s highlight, both choreographic and musical.”
Sidsel Pape,

Performance Program

Produced in Oslo 2010
Longer version produced in Hammerfest 2011
Updated version produced in Guovdageaidnu 2019

Next performace: October 20 2019 at CODA Oslo International dance festival


Choreographer: Elle Sofe Sara
Putli Hellesen, Hedda Rivrud, Andrea Winsnes
Original dancers: Marianne Kjærsund, Hanna Mjåvatn, Kristin Ryg Helgebostad, Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal
Torgeir Vassvik
Set designer:
 Joar Nango
Light designer:
 Kaja Glenne Lund
Costume design:
Elle Sofe Sara

Funded by:
Norsk kulturråd/ Arts council Norway
Fond for utøvende kunstnere/ Fund for performing artists
Samediggi/ Sámi Parlament Norway
Finnmark fylkeskommune/ Finnmark county Council

In collaboration with:
Dansearena Nord

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