Juohkke nubbi/One in two

Performance, 20 min

The title of Elle Sofe Sara’s first solo dance work, “Juohke nubbi“ (w.t.), is sámi and means one in two. It will be a choreographic reflection on the fact that statistically, one in two Sámi women experience sexual violence. More than twice as many as in the rest of Norway. Through the means of movement and text, this work gradually reveals the destructive power of violence, but also the healing renewal that will hopefully follow if only we allow it.

Work in progress showing, October 20 2019 at CODA Oslo International dance festival


Performer, script, choreography: Elle Sofe Sara
Dramaturge: Thomas Schaupp
Stills: Hilde Skancke Pedersen

In collaboration with Dansearena nord

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