Juohkke nubbi/One in two

Performance, 12 min

Juohke nubbi (w.t.) is the newest solo dance work in progress by Elle Sofe Sara. Juohke nubbi is sámi and means “one in two” and adresses the fact that statistically, one in two Sámi women experiences sexual violence. More than twice as many as in the rest of Norway. The solo invites the audience into an almost naive playground – a short choreographic reflection in which silence speaks louder than word.

Work in progress showing, October 20 2019 at CODA Oslo International dance festival


Director, script: Elle Sofe Sara
Performer: Ánne Mággá Wigelius
Dramaturgical advise: Thomas Schaupp
Lights: Kaja Glenne Lund

Developed in Hammerfest at Dansearena nord recidency

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