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KOLT Riddu

July 13–20 2010 seventeen indigenous artists from Brazil, Russia, Guatemala, Greenland and Sápmi meet for one week to make art around the theme Climate changes through indigenous eyes. The results of that week was shown at Riddu riđđu festival.

Look at the projects here.


KOLT Riddu riđđu

I juli 2010 møttes 17 urfolks kunstnere fra Brasil, Russland, Guatemala, Grønland og Sápmi i 1 uke for å lage kunst om klimaforandringer. Resultatet ble vist på Riddu riđđu festivalen i Manndalen, Nord Norge.

Se prosjektene her.


Åsdell (Sweden, actress)
Alexey Chunanchar (Russia, musician/crafts/storytelling)
Artysj Opyjla (Russia, throat singing/musician)
Banhi-re Kayapo (Brazil, photography/film/collages)
Elle Sofe Henriksen (Norway, danceartist)
Heli Huovinen (Finland, theater/photography)
Lena Sternberg (Sweden, installation/fashion)
Lisandro Gonzalez (Guatemala, musician/performance)
Joar Nango (Norway, architecture/objects/installation)
Matti Aikio (Finland, visual arts/photography)
Maria Kjäerluff (Greenland, painting/sculpture)
Mike Thomsen (Greenland, musician/actor)
Torgeir Vassvik (Greenland, musician/composer)
Rodrigo Petrella (Brazil, film/photography)
Rosa Chavez (Guatemala, poet)
Vasily Batagaj (Russia, musician/crafts/storytelling)

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