Juohkke nubbi

Juohke nubbi One in two Dance performance, work in progress, 20 min “Juohke nubbi“ (w.t.), is Sámi and means one in two. It will be a choreographic reflection on the fact that statistically, one in two Sámi women experience sexual violence. More than twice as many as in the rest of Norway. Through the means […]


Jorggáhallan Turn Dance performance, 50 min   Dance artist Elle Sofe has visited and interviewed the elderly generation of the Sami people. They have described traditional movements that have taken place at home, by the fireplace, in weddings and in spiritual meetings. The duet is a thoroughly composed result of this humble study of Sami […]

Beatnaga ii galgga gulgii geahččat

Beatnaga ii galgga gulgii geahččat Dont judge the dog by its fur Dance performance, 30 min In “Don’t judge a dog by its fur“ three dancers are gradually drawing the audience deeper and deeper into a mythical, ritualistic landscape that challenges them to see more than just the outside. QUOTES: ” Rått, oppsiktsvekkende, befriende, frekt […]