Biegga savkala

Biegga savkala duoddara duohken lea soames

The wind whipshers there is someone behind the tundra

Dancefilm, 10 min

The poem Biegga savkala duoddarid duohken lea soames by award winning Sami poet Synnove Persen reveals a belief in the powers of nature and a connection to their Sami ancestors. The choreography in this dance-on-film symbolizes their evolution as they dance through time and space enjoying the wonders of the sky, passing objects and people that connect them to their Sami ancestors.


Choreograhper, director:          Elle Sofe Sara

Photo, edit, director:                  Ken Are Bongo

Music:                                            Georg Bujo

Dancers:                                        Jos Baker, Nanina K

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Running time:                              10 min

Production year:                           2006

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