Dance artist Elle Sofe has visited and interviewed the elderly generation of the Sami people. They have described traditional movements that have taken place at home, by the fireplace, in weddings and in spiritual meetings.

The duet is a thoroughly composed result of this humble study of Sami movement, where a handful of movements have become building blocks in the encounter between two dancers.
In Jorggáhallan the ancient movements meet the present, and the dance piece invites to an experience for the senses that spans from the traditional serving of coffee to propulsive dance.

The music is composed for this performance by the recognized artists Wimme Saari and Tapani Rinne.


Choreographer:                Elle Sofe Sara

Dancers:                              Elle Sofe Sara (Marte Fjellheim Sarre), Thomas Gundersen                                                    

Composers:                        Wimme Saari, Tapani Rinne

Costumes:                          Elle Sofe Sara

Lighting design:               Niels Jensen

Producer:                           Dansearena Nord

Running time:                  50 min

Production year:             2012

People on tour:                3