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Postboks 277 Sentrum, 9615 Hammerfest

Visit: Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino

Árru is a yoik musical feature film by Elle Sofe currently in development.

  • Director, choreographer
    Elle Sofe Sara

    Elisa Fernanda Pirir

    Johan Fasting
    Elle Sofe Sara

    Production company

Exploring courting traditions of old cultures can be a trodden path, except when handled by a truly talented filmmaker and storyteller. Ribadit, the pulling of the belt, performed in Sami dancehalls is playful, unexpected, modern and exceptional with a great sense of rhythm and an eye for detail. It is told with flair, style and originality. In celebration of the 20 years of ImagineNATIVE, the Moon Jury awards Elle Sofe Sara’s Ribadit and hopes to see her stories over the next 20 years. Moon jury award 2019, Imagine Native film festival