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Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform

Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform

Seminar; The Central Periphery Calendar

The Central Periphery – Possibilities and opportunities at the edge

Elle Sofe Company has the pleasure of guiding you through this seminar of The Central Periphery. Invited guests are asked to share their valuable experience of creating art in the periphery, working, and living at the edge of society.

As challenges of distance, costs and cultural differences may prevent citizens of larger cities to reach out for collaborations, the artists of the periphery are seeking each other, finding new pathways of collaborations and networks. There are vast opportunities in this, and we would like to invite you to an insight in the possibilities that open up when seeking new collaborations outside of the central routes.

Hailing from Gouvdageaidnu, a village of 3000 inhabitants Elle Sofe Company has reached out, creating groundbreaking work that makes a difference.

Look to the north, the west and east – where the central peripheries are.

The seminar is part of the Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform in Oslo February 14th – 18th 2024

Seminar; The Central Periphery